Blood analysis and pressure measurement in Sarno

Self-analysis services

In the Farmacia Derkeshli you may ask for your blood test and pressure measurement in Sarno. We have all the necessary instruments and qualified staff to follow you during the blood test and pressure management in Sarno

The self-analysis service is a quick and effective way to control your health. 

What is it about? The blood test is a crucial practice to check your wellbeing. Unfortunately, with the frantic rhythms of our everyday life we tend to postpone them or not have it done. This test instead is very useful. With the self-test it is possible to perform a blood test in the pharmacy in a quick and painless way. How? Through a single drop of blood from your finger. In a very short time and without going to the hospital or to specialized health centres, the self-analysis will help you have important information about your health conditions, which might be useful for your doctor. 

Which one? You will have many parameters like the blood sugar level, the levels of triglycerides, cholesterol and its fractions, transaminases, creatinine and haemoglobin.
Also the arterial blood pressure is important, especially for some people, like the elders and those who have hypertension or hypotension problems and are being treated with specific medicines. However, everybody should measure the arterial pressure some times a year to prevent the problems related to this delicate balance.
If you wish to measure your blood pressure at home, we have some devices for sale or rent.