Piercings in Sarno

Sterile and painless ear and nose piercings

Would you like to have a piercing in Sarno? The Farmacia Derkeshli offers ear and nose piercings. Thanks to the experience of our staff and the manual pressure mechanism we are able to offer sterile and painless piercings in Sarno. Having your piercings done in a pharmacy reduces the risks of infections and diseases and improves your comfort.
An ear piercing is a small piercing in your lobe made through a specific device, which enables us to perform a quick, safe and painless operation. The lobes or auricles are pierced and then specific earrings are applied, which are hypoallergenic and highly tolerated.
Our pharmacy has various types of surgical steel earrings, gold- or titanium-plated earrings by Inverness, one of the most famous brands in the sector. In compliance with the current laws we use only earrings in sealed packages. Among the various models of piercings you may choose among small balls, mini zircons, Tiffany, flower-shaped earrings, pink sapphires and small bars.
If you want a nose piercing we offer an avant-garde and non-invasive service with perfect sterilization and quicker healing process. Our staff will provide you with the post-piercing assistance, informing you about the best way to take care of your piercings in the following days and suggesting you specific disinfectants and healing products for your ear piercings. We would like to remind you that if you want a ear or nose piercing and you are not 18, you need to be accompanied by one of your parents who signs the authorization.