CUP medical examinations booking service in Sarno

We are members of the FARMACUP service

At the Farmacia Derkeshli it is possible to use our CUP medical examinations booking service in Sarno. In our pharmacy we offer the FARMACUP service.
What is it?
It is a new service to book in real time medical and lab examinations in your pharmacy, avoiding queues and saving time. In order to book your examinations you need to have the request from your doctor, your health insurance card and the exemption card. Thanks to the CUP medical examination booking service you will immediately know the places available, the centre where the service will be performed, the date and time of the appointment. After booking the examination you will receive a memo with the booking that you need to pay your ticket. The memo will have the information about the place where you need to go, the date, the time and the booking reference number, the description of the examination and the healthcare centre. Upon request the memo might be sent also to your email address.
The FARMACUP service is useful to book specific medical examinations in public healthcare centres or centres that are part of the state run healthcare service. It is important to underline that we cannot book some examinations, like the second-level ones, which require a more complex booking access.
If you can’t go to the appointment, you are recommended to contact any booking centre (like the CUP point, the regional call centre, the pharmacy) as soon as possible, at least 48 hours before the appointment to modify or cancel your booking. It is a form of respect towards the other people, which enables the healthcare system to be effective, so that everybody may benefit from that.