Herbal medicines in Sarno

Phytotherapy, cosmetics and nutraceuticals

The Farmacia Derkeshli offers a wide range of phytotherapeutic products, nutraceuticals and herbal medicines in Sarno. Herbal medicine is the science that studies plants and their production, preservation and sale for therapeutic (phytotherapy), cosmetic or nutritional (nutraceuticals) goals. All the herbal medicines in Sarno that you will find on our shelves have been accurately selected for their quality and safety, choosing among the best brands in the sector, including:

  • Planter’s
  • Winter
  • Dietalinea
  • Iodase
  • Incarose
  • Naturando
  • Selerbe
  • Flora
  • Pharmalife
  • Benefit
  • Zuccari
  • Guam
  • Ortis
  • Cosval – Locherber
  • Esi
  • Specchiasol
  • Biosline – Nature’s
  • Watt
  • Planet Pharma
  • Farmaderbe s.r.l.
  • Himalaya
  • Aboca /Planta Medica
  • Multipower
  • Solgar
  • Enervit
  • Oro di Argan

Phytotherapy means using herbs, plants and vegetal extracts to keep healthy and maintain one’s psychophysical wellbeing. Men and women have always used plants and their extracts to prevent being affected by diseases and to heal their bodies. It is an ancient yet at the same time modern practice, because it is used also today as basis for the synthesis molecules in the traditional medicines. The plants in the phytotherapeutic drugs may be either pure (powdered or dried plants available as tablets or herbal teas) or extracts to be used like this or in combination with other products and active ingredients in medicines or food supplements.

There are many products that use some herbs and flowers to treat the body. In our pharmacy you may find effective anti-ageing creams, but also sun protections or anti-acne creams. We have also cosmetics and beauty products made with natural extracts: unlike the traditional makeup the organic cosmetics are made only of vegetal ingredients and they guarantee a healthy skin.

The word neutraceuticals comes from the combination of nutrition and pharmaceutical and underlines the features of this food approach: food is a therapeutic resource if we eat what is good for our health. The neutraceuticals are nutritional substances added to our usual food that help us reach a healthier and more active lifestyle.