Homeopathic products in Sarno

Alternative products of the main brands

The Farmacia Derkeshli sell homeopathic products in Sarno if you choose to be treated with alternative medicines. On the shelves of our pharmacy you will find a wide range of homeopathic products in Sarno, all accurately selected to guarantee the best results.
We have chosen the products of the brands that are the reference points in the homeopathic market such as:

  • Boiron
  • Dolisos
  • Bach flowers
  • Heel
  • Unda

What is homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a natural medicine that may support the traditional medicine or even substitute it if someone cannot use the traditional drugs. The homeopathic approach is different than the traditional one, because it considers mind and body as something unique, so it aims to healing the whole person, including the spiritual part. The active ingredients are extracted from plants, minerals and other natural substances and they are used in small doses and sometimes mixed. This is a holistic approach, which aims to recreate the psychophysical balance in all its aspects, in addition to improve the natural healing processes of the body.
In order to understand which treatment best fits your needs, it is important to analyse the general conditions of the patients, their general picture and specific needs. For this reason in our pharmacy the homeopathy is treated in a very competent and professional way by our highly qualified staff. We will be ready to illustrate you the properties of each product, helping you choose the best ones for you. After a general interview, which is crucial to focus your choice on a specific product, we will help you restore the typical energy and vitality of a healthy mind and body.