Gluten free food in Sarno

Healthy and tasty food

The Farmacia Derkeshli selects and sells the best brands of gluten free food in Sarno. Gluten is a complex protein in some cereals (wheat, rye, barley, hulled wheat, spelt, kamut, triticale). 

One of the proteins that compose it is the prolamine, which is the responsible of the toxic effect of gluten if you are affected by coeliac disease. Its consumption causes a reaction in coeliac people, damaging their intestine and causing the atrophy of their intestinal villi.
If you are affected by coeliac disease, the only therapy is to follow a gluten free diet, eliminating the food with gluten.
Unfortunately the data show that in Italy the gluten intolerance is increasing more and more and affects a huge number of people.
To face this problem, our pharmacy has a corner dedicated to gluten free food in Sarno, with fresh products and daily deliveries. Eliminating gluten does not mean eliminating the pleasure of good food. There are many gluten free foods in nature: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and eggs. However, if prepared with gluten free flours, it is possible to eat also bread, pizza, pasta, biscuits and cakes.

If you are willing to buy products for coeliac people, you will find many tasty items in our pharmacy with the best quality.

On our shelves you will find the best brands like Schär, the European leader of gluten free food, Vidafree, Giusto, Alimenta 2000, nutri free, bontà senza glutine, La fabbrica della pasta, piaceri mediterranei, Le Asolane, Massimo Zero, Barilla, Divella, Garofalo, happy Farm, Probios, Le Celizie, Agluten.

Our pharmacy furthermore offers organic and vegan products.
If you are interested in a useful guide taht explains the products you are allowed to buy, browse the manual provided by AIC (the Italian society for the coeliac disease)